Summer Booster Meeting and More!

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School might be out for the summer, but the Music Plays On!!
Due to the number of our summer band events for our talented kids and our band fundraising activities, we are having a mid-summer Band Booster meeting.  Please join us to stay "in tune" with what's going on!  You are welcome to stay to hear some live music as well!  Everyone is invited!    
When: July 7, 2016; 5:30 pm
Where: Jasper Winery, 2400 George Flagg Pky, Des Moines, IA

·  We'll gather at Jasper Winery, on George Flagg Parkway.  
·  We'll get right to business so you can then socialize and enjoy the Dueling Guitars feat. Brian Congdon from 6:00-9:00 pm.
·  Remember to bring a lawn chair and money for dinner/drinks (if you wish), and you can even bring the kids!
·  This is a great chance to come out and meet band families! 
·  We'll be set up just East of the building on the raised area overlooking the stage.

Don't forget to sign up for summer fundraising activities to support our Southeast Polk band program!  Sign up through the VolunteerSpot link on the band website.  What is even better about volunteering, it not only supports our band program, you get to share lots of laughs with a lot of GREAT folks! 
Marching uniform fittings Monday nights continuing from July 11 between 6-8pm
Marching band camp Aug 4-10
State Fair Refreshment Fundraising Aug 11-21
State Fair Parking Fundraising Aug 11-21

Questions? Email the or visit our SEP band Web site for the most up-to-date information on the bands, including photos, announcements, and upcoming events. 

New Marcher Information Night

posted May 25, 2016, 11:59 AM by Jayson Gerth

Here is the link for the power point presentation from our meeting on Thursday, May 26, 2016.

2015-16 PEP BAND Sign-ups Posted

posted Oct 16, 2015, 9:19 AM by Jayson Gerth

To Sign-Up for Pep Band, follow this link:

REQUIRED Rehearsals are:
Wednesday, 11-4 @ 9:00am (late start)
Friday, 11-6 @ 3:10-3:45pm
Wednesday, 11-11 @ 9:00am (late start)
Monday, 11-16 @ 3:10-3:45pm
Tuesday, 11-17 @ 3:10-3:45pm
Tuesday, 11-24 @ 3:10-3:45pm

Friday, 12/11, 5:30pm report time
Tuesday, 12/15, 5:45pm 
Friday, 12-18, 5:45pm
Monday, 12/21 (Alumni Night), 5:45pm
Friday, 1/15/16, 5:00pm (8th Grade Night)
Tuesday, 1/19, 5:45pm
Tuesday, 1/26 5:45pm
Friday, 2/12 5:45 (Senior Night)

Musical Pit Orchestra Play Along Track

posted Sep 24, 2015, 2:59 PM by Jayson Gerth

Musical Pit Orchestra Play Along Track Access Information:

No login is required to download the Show|Ready software. Please download the most recent version of Show|Ready for Mac and PC at:

Show|Ready may be downloaded to your iOS device at:

Username: Southeast Polk High School

Instructions and YouTube tutorials can be found at:

Valentine's Day Concert Featuring Jeff Brandt, 2/14/14, 7:00 pm

posted Jan 29, 2014, 8:59 AM by Jayson Gerth

Super! Mega! Gigantic! Band Fundraiser!


Valentine's Day Concert 7:00 pm


Southeast Polk Auditorium

General Admission

Advanced Tickets

$10 Students $20 Adults

$25 at the door


Jeff Brandt, a popular performer with shows in Branson, Las Vegas and tours around the U.S. is back to bring his variety show to the SEP High School Auditorium. Jeff is originally from central Iowa and a 3 time nominee of the Iowa Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  Once again after he pays his band, all of the proceeds from the ticket sales will go to the Southeast Polk Band program!

You know you want to go out for Valentine's Day!


This is your chance!


If you missed this show last year now is your chance buy a ticket to a professional variety show full of fun, impressions, music and comedy. Have a great night out with your family or friends and the money helps your band program.

Our students and directors have worked tirelessly to make this band program into one of the best. They have gained local and national recognition for their efforts. Now it’s our turn to help this exceptional band program continue its success by raising funds so they can rise to new heights and accomplishments.

Our goal is to fill the Auditorium with friends and family. Raise some serious cash! With ONE fundraiser! And actually have fun doing it!

What can you do to help?

§  Get excited about the opportunity to really make an impact on our band’s budget!!

§  Buy tickets for yourselves, parents and grandparents.

§  Give some good friends the gift of a date night out.

§  Invite a group from your church, workout class or business.  


The Band Boosters thank you for supporting the outstanding band programs at Southeast Polk



For information on how to purchase tickets:

Wayne Anderson 515-979-2320

Daryl Barnard 515-360-8097

Steve Fest 515-967-0669

Vince Prichard 515-689-3007

Dennis Schell 515-966-2269

Don Matz  515-967-2440

Jeff Guldner 515-210-6656

Dennis Mabie 515-967-0477

Make checks payable to SEP BAND BOOSTERS



2013 SEP Solo and Ensemble Festival Results

posted Mar 4, 2013, 8:18 AM by Jayson Gerth   [ updated Mar 4, 2013, 8:24 AM ]

On Thursday, February 28, the Southeast Polk High School Bands hosted their Solo and Ensemble festival, where nearly 80 solos and ensembles were performed for a select panel of judges. For over 10 years, this event held at the end of February has allowed students to explore musical performance on an individual level. The Southeast Polk Solo and Ensemble Festival uses the same standards and criteria as the Iowa High School Music Association’s State Solo Ensemble Festival held in mid-April each year. This year, there were 47 performances garnering the top rating of “Superior,” 30 students receiving an “Excellent” rating, and two receiving a “Good” rating. The results of this year’s festival are below:

Receiving a “Superior” Rating:

Corrina Slings, clarinet solo

Harley Baty, alto sax solo

Justin Shaver, alto sax solo

Noelle Ortega, alto sax solo

Steven Hove, tenor sax solo

Carly Polson, eflat clarinet solo

Dakota Barnard, clarinet solo

Arianna Edvenson, clarinet solo

Grace Slings, clarinet solo

Alissa Ortega, clarinet solo

Adrianna Diaz, clarinet solo

Nathan Waskel, bassoon solo

Brian Hoaglund, bassoon solo

Maia Hove, flute solo

Olivia Matz, flute solo

Malia Nolin, flute solo

Arianna Edvenson, oboe solo

Emily Babcock, piccolo solo

Slings/Slings, Clarinet Duet

Dakota Barnard/Malia Nolin, Flute/Clarinet Duet

Maia Hove/Carly Polson, Flute/Clarinet Duet

Eric Cole/Zach Bennett, Trumpet/Tuba Duet

Collin North/Trevor Sanders, Trumpet Percussion Duet

Sloan Wheeldon/Josh Grant/Mica Post, Percussion Trio

Nathan Ingram/Elizabeth Morey, Trumpet /Percussion Duet

Connor Pearson, percussion solo

Hope Metts, percussion solo

Trevor Sanders, percussion solo

Christie Fest, percussion solo

Cody Guldner, percussion solo

Josh Grant, percussion solo

Elizabeth Morey, piano solo

Lane Hacker, marimba solo

Sloan Wheeldon, percussion solo

Bryce Anderson, Euphonium solo

Alli McCaull, trombone solo

Ben Knetter, trombone solo

Sam DeLouis, alto sax solo

Luke McFadden, tuba solo

Zach Bennett, tuba solo

Kaitlin Zaugg, bass clarinet solo

Nate Sparks, Trumpet solo

Paige Prichard, horn solo

Nathan Ingram, trumpet solo

Collin North, trumpet solo

Elliana Huffman, trumpet solo

Eric Cole, trumpet solo


Receiving an “Excellent” Rating:

Reagan Mackie, alto sax solo

Zach Newland, alto sax solo

Sean Joelson, alto sax solo

Aaron VanLuong, alto sax solo

Madison Edwards, alto sax solo

Anthony Lloyd, alto sax solo

Justin Paterson, bari sax solo

Cressie Goode, contra bass clarinet solo

Tyler Holmberg, alto sax solo

Ashley Hart, clarinet solo

Erin Darr, clarinet solo

Mackenzie Osgood, flute solo

Katie Dyer, oboe solo

Alissa Ortega/Marina Ginther, Clarinet Duet

Erin Darr/Cressie Goode, Clarinet Duet

Arianna Edvenson/Katie Dyer, Oboe Duet

Nathan Waskel/Aaron VanLuong/Brian Hoaglund/Petrino Ippolito, Bassoon Quartet

Allison McCaull/Brady George/Eli Snedigar, Trombone Trio

Nathan Salzburg/Elianna Huffman/Zach Shaw, Trumpet Trio

Cameron Miller, percussion solo

Mica Post, marimba solo

Eli Snedigar, bass trombone solo

Brendan Anderson, Trombone solo

Ben Clark, Tuba solo

Jared Harrington, Trumpet solo

Aaron Stagner, upright bass solo

Tara Winecke, horn solo

Brady George, trombone solo

Nathan Salzburg, trumpet solo

Zach Shaw, trumpet solo


Receiving a “Good” Rating:

Jacob Bollman, percussion solo

Jonathan Pitt, Trumpet solo


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High School Band Students Perform at SEP's Solo & Ensemble Festival

posted Feb 27, 2012, 8:03 AM by Jayson Gerth   [ updated Mar 1, 2012, 6:14 AM ]

On Thursday, February 23, the Southeast Polk High School Bands hosted their own solo and ensemble festival, where nearly 80 solos and ensembles were performed for a select panel of judges. For over 10 years, this event held at the end of February has allowed students to explore musical performance on an individual level. The Southeast Polk Solo and Ensemble Festival uses the same standards and criteria as the Iowa High School Music Association’s State Solo Ensemble Festival held in mid-April each year. This year, there were 42 performances garnering the top rating of “Superior,” 34 students receiving an “Excellent” rating, and three receiving a “Good” rating. The results of this year’s festival are below:

Receiving a “Superior” Rating (Division I)

Barnard, Dakota

Baty, Harley

Brass Choir

Clarinet Duet (Carly Polson, Dakota Barnard)

Clarinet Duet (Erin Darr, Cressie Goode)

Clarinet Quartet (Arriana Edvenson, Paige Brown, Katelyn Spivey, Nathalie Wiles)

Cole, Eric

Cooper, Maria

DeLouis, Sam

Diaz, Claudia

Edvenson, Arianna

Flute Duet (Malia Nolan, Makenzie Osgood)

Flute Quartet (Ashley Coe, Emily Babcock, Maia Hove, Malia Nolan)

Gladwyn-Nash, Antony

Hacker, Lane

Hacker, Logan

Horn Duet (Jacob Snyder, Petrino Ippolito)

Hove, Maia

Ippolito, Petrino

Juhl, Matt

Kadlec, Stephanie

Mabie, Paige

Metts, Hope

Miller, Cameron

Nolan, Malia

Olson, Hannah

Pearson, Connor

Pearson, Ryan (mallets)

Pearson, Ryan (Timpani)

Percussion Choir

Piper, Victoria

Polson, Carly

Purscell, Dan

Rish, James

Saxophone Trio (Harley Baty, Ashley Konrad, Aaron VanLuong)

Shaver, Justin

Slings, Corrina

Snyder, Jacob

Sparks, Nate

Trombone Duet (Dan Purscell, Seth Lundy)

Woodwind Choir

Woodwind Duet (Tori Piper, Stephanie Kadlec)

Zaugg, Kaitlin


Receiving an “Excellent” Rating (Division II)

Anderson, Bryce

Babcock, Emily

Bellwald, Simon

Bennett, Zach

Chicoine, Madi

Clark, Ben

Cullinan, Emsy

Ebert, Andreas

Fest, Christie

George, Brady

Goode, Cressie

Haag, courtney

Hart, Ashley

Huffman, Elliana

Joleson, Sean

Knetter, Ben

Konrad, Ashley

Lloyd, Anthony

Lundy, Seth

Matz, Olivia

McCaull, Allison

McFadden, Luke

North, Collin

Ortega, Alissa

Osgood, Makenzie

Pingel, Chad

Salzburg, Nathan

Sanders, Trevor

Slings, Grace

Trombone Trio (Dan Purscell, Eli Snedigar, Brady George)

Trumpet Duet (Keegan McReynolds, Nathan Ingram)

Tuba Duet (Ben Clark, Luke McFadden)

VanLuong, Aaron

Waskel, Nathan


Receiving a “Good” Rating (Division III)

Luckett, Jasmine

Snedigar, Eli

Winecke, Tara

Jazz Bands Shine at Woodward-Granger Jazz Festival

posted Feb 27, 2012, 8:02 AM by Jayson Gerth

This past Saturday, four Southeast Polk Jazz Ensembles participated in the “Jim Coffin Dimensions of Jazz” Festival held at Woodward Granger High School. The High School Jazz Bands 1, 2 and 3, under the direction of Jayson Gerth performed at the event as well as the 8th Grade Jazz Band.

The 8th Grade Jazz Band, under the direction of Mr. Ted Heggen, received 1st Place in the Middle School class, and 8th grader Steven Hove was recognized as the top soloist among all of the bands in their class. Jazz 3 did not place, but Sean Joleson received an outstanding soloist certificate for his work on the Tenor Saxophone.  Jazz Two placed 2nd out of five bands in the Second Band Category with freshman Cressie Goode receiving an outstanding soloist award. Jazz One added another first place finish to their 2012 resume at the Coffin Jazz Festival, with Nate Sparks being recognized as the outstanding soloist for the 4A Band Class.

Band Handbook, Course Information and All State Information Now Posted

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Please look for these items in the "Resources" area. Thanks!

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