Concert Band

Band playing assessments
Several of our band playing tests will be recorded at home and emailed to Mr. Gerth at the high school. This will save time during class, and you will be able to practice your assessment and email it when you’re ready.

There are specific due dates for the assessments which will be publicized two weeks in advance of each one.

You will need a computer at home with an external or built-in microphone and the ability to email your assessments to Mr. Gerth. If you do not have the equipment or ability to email, you can record your assessments in a practice room at school. Also, if you are unable to take your instrument home, you may record at school. See Mr. Gerth for details if this applies to you.

You will use the free program Audacity to make your recordings. It can be found here:

A tutorial for using Audacity can be found here:

The program is extremely easy to use, and the tutorial will show you how to record, edit and export your finished product so it can be emailed by the date due.

Your first assignment, due Thursday, September 1 by 8:00pm

1) Download Audacity version 1.3 (beta) at the link above. There is a link for Mac and for PC.

2) Watch the tutorial at the second (youtube) link listed above.

3) Record a brief (no more than 10 seconds) sound file in which you at least clearly say your name.

4) Go to FILE > EXPORT...

5) Save as lastname-test (for example “Gerth-Test” and be sure to choose “Mp3 File” in the drop down menu.

6) Click SAVE.

7) Attach your file to an email with the subject “Audacity Test lastname, Firstname” (for example “Audacity Test Smith, John”.

8) Send the file to

9) All done!