Marching and Pep Bands

The Marching Rams at Southeast Polk High School have a tradition of excellence and are the pride of southeastern Polk County. Made up of over 130 volunteers each year, the Marching Rams entertain home football crowds, play special events and compete at various area competitions and festivals each fall.

SEP's Pep Band Playing "I'm A Man" 12-7-09

SEP Marching Rams @ Valleyfest 2010

Urbandale Marching Competiton, October 16, 2010

Pep Band at Southeast Polk is a fun and exciting group made up of any band student in grades 9-12 who is dedicated and committed to having a good time playing quality, peppy music during basketball games. The pep band practices several times before basketball season starts, and performs at 8 or 9 varsity double-headers each winter. Some have dubbed the pep band at Southeast Polk the "Best Pep Band in the Land." Most folks attending home basketball games would tend to agree!

8/25/17 Half Time Performance

Pandora's Bach(s) Rehearsal Recordings

Pandora Drill Video

Valleyfest 10/8/16

Urbandale 10/1/16

Home Game 9/30/16

Home Game 9/23/16

Johnston 9/17/16

9/2/16 Performance

Full Drill Video for "The Places You Will Go"

Music For "The Places You Will Go"

Music With Click Tracks

Valleyfest 10/10/15